ICF- Insulated Concrete Form Homes

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February 13, 2013
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ICF – Insulated Concrete Form Homes

ICF or Insulated concrete form homes are the way of the future! At least, they should be! Why is that you ask? Insulated concrete foundations offer many benefits, but let’s start at the beginning, exactly what are insulated concrete form homes?

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are made from a interlocking modular pieces that are permanent. They are made from The are stacked and placed dry, without mortar, and then filled with concrete. Unlike traditional foundation forms they are left in place providing added re-enforcement, and increased energy efficiency. Advantage Homes is proud to use the much acclaimed Nudura products.

What are the benefits of a Nudura insulated concrete form home?

Safety & Strength: 10 times stronger than a wood framed structure, better structural integrity and ability to withstand forces of nature, such as tornadoes and winds up to 250mph & 115mph debris impact, and concrete and polystyrene do not rot when wet. Use of rebar adds extreme strength to a thinner wall ie 6″ wall resists forces like a 12″ conventional wall.  They provide 4 hour vs. 45 minute fire protection over a wood frame home.

ICF Innovation Makes a Difference

Energy Efficiency: Insulated masonry provides increased thermal resistance (R-value) and not only saves energy but aides in further reducing energy use. A typical wood framed home suffers from thermal bridging at every stud, ICF eliminates drafts and helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home. They offer up to 70% energy saving performance than traditional wood frame homes. ICF foundations stop the cold from the outside, not allowing cold to transfer through cement like a conventional wall.  Contributes to LEED certification.

Sound: Acoustic transmission is deterred by ICF walls.  Outside noises are virtually inaudible through the walls.

Environment: Reduction in greenhouse gases, saves environmental resources. Create less waste during construction, diverting waste from landfills. 100% recyclable.

Living Space: Non-toxic forms. They do not emit CFCs or HCFCs. Resist mold growth.

Long-term Value: Reinforced concrete provides better durability and less maintenance than wood structures over its lifetime. An ICF home’s value is retained longer.

Standard Insulated FormICF Forms-Stacked

After outlining all of the amazing benefits of an insulated concrete form home you are likely asking what do I have to give up? A huge amount of money? My options for a beautiful home exterior? Window and door options? The answer to all of those questions is simply, no. When using Nudura insulated concrete form the future savings and value negate any disparity in cost.  The cost of a foundation is only a small percentage of overall costs and offers numerous advantages.  It is very difficult to “upgrade” your foundation later!  Ask your Advantage Homes representative to detail the differences for you. ICF home exterior options are virtually limitless. Exterior finishes are available in stucco, brick, stone, vinyl, wood or a combination of them. Windows and doors are easily integrated into the ICF system.

Insulated concrete form homes must be measured in those things you attain and achieve not in anything lost. Advantage Homes is pleased to offer its clients the ICF option and can further detail the benefits involved. Contact Advantage Homes today with any questions or to start planning the foundation of your dream home. If you can dream it, we can build it.

For more information on ICF, visit our preferred vendor, Nudura at www.nudura.com

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