At Advantage Homes we recognize that the process of building a custom home can be quite daunting and overwhelming for many people. That is why we provide expert project management, consulting & design advice regardless of your project stage. Our role as project manager can help make the process easier by coordinating all the necessary elements required for building a custom home.


Our role

in Project Management varies depending on each customer's unique needs; we can review your current project and suggest enhancements or changes (if required). We will also join your project at any stage during the building process if you require our services. In many cases, we will bridge the gap between the production team (vendors and sub-trades), suppliers and the client.

Our team 

begins by attaining the necessary permits required for building your custom home. Once the approvals process is done we schedule the contractors to ensure that they are available when they are needed. In addition to organizing the trades we deal with the suppliers of the building materials and finishes to coordinate delivery so that supplies are available as the build progresses. During the build we are always available to consult with architects and interior designers, as is necessary. We deal with any issues or complications that arise during construction.

Our Team
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Our Site Management

guarantees that your custom home is constructed with quality work, done in a safe and efficient manner. Once your custom home is completed we will organize the final inspection so that you can move in and make your house a home. To better understand our comprehensive custom home project management please refer to the visually illustrated infographic to the right of your screen. Our job is not completed until you are satisfied!